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   Our Storage Units & Helpful Hints


  This is a U-Lock-It system so bring your own lock or we can sell you one if you need it.

  We have both heated and unheated units available.  Prices start at $80/month and there is optional shelving in some of the smaller ones. Other than the Seacans, unit sizes vary from 4' to 10 ' wide and up to 16' deep.

  Below is an example of some unit pricing.This is with all taxes included Prices are subject to change so confirm at time of booking. 

10 ft x12 ft heated
     $145/ month
10 ft x12 ft unheated    
     $120/ month
8 ft x12 ft heated
     $100/ month
4 ft x11 ft heated
     $80/ month

5 ft x 12 ft heated

     $85/ month

 8X20 unheated container 

$160/ month




How much Space do you Need?

We have been at this for a while so ask us.

It basically depends on how good you are at closely packing your items and on how oddly shaped they are. A 4X12 unit is half a regular bedroom size and a 10X12 unit can store the contents of a small 2 bedroom home not including outside and shop/garage items. Stack what you do not need to the back and for larger units, leave space to walk in deeper. Should you need it, we provide a dolly and if available, shelving.  


Some Helpful Hints:  

  • Take your time sorting items into heaviest, most fragile, most important... first. You can spread it out in the yard if need be (please ask). 
  • Most clients do not utilize the top 3rd of their unit. Keep out light, awkward sized items (like kitchen chairs) to fill in top gaps. 
  • Use shelving to your best advantage or stack up items on larger furniture.  A couch turned sideways is smart.
  • For very sensitive items (like treasured paintings) you may want to lay down a drop cloth, cardboard or even a pallet.